Keepers of the Seals

On to Q'Barra

After escaping from the Mother Tree, the party was subjected.. that is, treated to a celebration planned by the fae creatures of the forest.

The festivities were interrupted by a dark figure with a black staff that summoned a Tembo and a few wraiths, and then left, undoubtedly twisting his mustache and laughing maniacally.

The party fought hard against the Tembo and won, gaining a new member in the process: a Thri-Kreen rogue who could not speak Common but referred to itself as Tak-Tha,

After bidding the fairies farewell, the party continued to Q’Barra, stopping at a gathering ground called Bandit Junction to rest. There they interrogated other travelers, and Balasar was taken in by a con man who tricked him into giving up his beloved sword.


Once the con man was dispatched (and all evidence of his deeds eaten) the party continued to the Badlands. They ran into some preening paladins of Dol Arrah, who invited the characters to their camp. That night, the party was set upon by a gnoll raiding party which bit off more than they could chew and were dispatched after a long, hard-fought battle that no one really remembers the details of.


juangolbez Karu_Arkarumm

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