Keepers of the Seals

Notes for The Spirit Tree

Rough and dirty summary from the last session to get you back into what’s happening (most of this is just cut/pasted from my notes, so it’s a bit disjointed. I’ll clean it all up later) Refreshing on what happened last session may make the next session a little easier. . . this 5 minute read is could save you a few healing surges.:

You expect that the climb down will be trickier, but less taxing. The overall difficulty will be about the same. As you descend you see indications that the snake you just defeated carried the forge fiend up this climb.

When you get to the bottom of the climb, you notice that the tree is working to heal itself. The burned footprints which were previously extremely hard to track are glowing blue and easy to follow. This effect won’t last long, but you can track them back to the entrance now if you move quickly. You realize that the Wraith you just defeated likely solved this maze quickly by going through walls and then led the snake and fiend through the maze.

As you descend into the room of vines, you see a horrific sight. Insects are flooding into the clearing near the stairs as thorn laden vines aggressively shake and impale them. It’s clear that wherever the bugs are concentrated is also under assault from the newly empowered tree spirit. The area at the bottom of the stairs is full of bugs.

You quickly decide to leave this area as the bugs behind you skitter in closer.
Like the stairs up, this was once a staircase, but has degenerated into a rotting slope. The bugs do not follow you. You are not certain why. You find yourself in a similar room to the last. It is clear that the tree either tried to fill this area with vines but with much less success, or has begun reabsorbing the vines due to the lack of bugs in this area. In either case, debris litters the floor. Throughout the space are random torn spider webs. In the far corner, you see a cavity where a large hive of bugs is swarming. Another spider (like the two in the ceiling) has setup a web right next to it and has caught an impressive collection of bugs similar to those you fought above. You also note a silken cocoon with a partial fairy wing protruding from it. As soon as you can survey the room, a large scorpion emerges from behind a pile of cracked open cocoons. The spider immediately moves a bit away from the beast and crosses to the opposite side of its web. You notice that the scorpion has been stealing the spider’s kills and eating them. You also notice the wings and one leg from another fairy amid the scorpion’s sloppy meal.

You descend into another vine filled room. The vines here are much more sparse. The entire room is made up of downward step save for the left side which stays at ground level. As you move into the room, the sparse vines animate. “We were told to give you passage and aid. There is a barrier on the far side of the room. It is part of a series of barriers that we established to trap a large contingent of undead. We are remiss that a trio from that contingent got past us, but we understand that you dealt with them. Ahead of you lies a much larger force. We cannot selectively drop the barriers. Once you have rested and readied yourself, we will drop all of the barriers. Prepare yourselves and tell us when you are ready.” The fight included Wights, Wraiths, and the tortured spirits of the dead Faeries. As you defeat the Chainfighter Wight he gasps, “You will not defeat us. We’ve setup our own barriers, you will never reach the rest of our team. . .”

You head down several more levels. They are uneventful except for the occasional corpses of bugs charred and/or crushed. You enter a room in which the floor is melting and appears like a disgusting brown viscous liquid. This area appears hardest hit by the tree’s malady. You suspect that the foes you just defeated may be responsible for this. Only narrow slivers of wood, small sections of the original floor, and occasional vines break up the festering pool of rotting wood. The ceiling here is low (~7’) and both the ceiling and walls appear gnarled and climb-able. . . some areas will be easier than others. Once you arrive safely at the stairs down, you notice that the muck you fell into is clumping around your various scratches and wounds. These areas itch unexpectedly.


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